About our Practice

Our Clinic provides medical and surgical care to private male health clients seeking a discreet and private health care facility complying with Best Practice.

All procedures are performed in our two formal theatres.

All procedures are performed in our two formal theatres. Our theatres comply with the EU Standard CEN/TC 403 and are formally classified as Class II AND Class III theatres.

The theatres ensure a safe, sterile and private environment providing clients with a comfortable experience. 

Providing Coverage for Over 23 years

The Clinic has provided surgical services for circumcisions and vasectomies since 2006 and the Doctor providing these services has been performing these surgeries for the last 23 years.

All services are provided by qualified Medical Doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council.


The clinic has a special understanding and experience with the sensitivities involving male sexual health procedures and has adapted a strict conduct, ensuring privacy, and a discreet professional service.


You will have professional contact with, and services provided by, a male doctor only.

The Clinic

Circumcision Dublin Ireland is based in a discreet location in Malahide Village, in a comfortable and quiet part of the clinic which cannot be viewed from the outside. Staff members in the clinic are all highly experienced working with male and sexual health clients, and pride themselves on a warm, friendly and entirely confidential approach. 


The clinic is multi-disciplinary, as many different services are offered in the building, which means that nobody you may happen to see entering, leaving or in the waiting room knows why you are there apart from the staff. All of your personal details are strictly managed according to confidentiality and data protection regulations. 


Clients will be given the option of a light day sedation which will ensure that the entire procedure is stress and pain-free, and once the procedure is finished you will have plenty of time to relax with some light refreshments, tea and coffee to ensure you’re feeling rested and fully recovered before you are discharged by the doctor. 


Testimonials and reviews from previous patients of the clinic always help to put minds at ease and reassure clients that there are many others with similar stories who have been helped with the simple and often life-changing procedures at Circumcision Dublin Ireland. Read some of our reviews on the independent WhatClinic.ie service. 


I had a classical circumcision

I had a classical circumcision as I was suffering from balanitis and phimosis and it was really uncomfortable and hurt pretty bad. I was left on a public waiting list for over a year to even see a urologist and when I discussed the problem with him he told me that I might have to wait for almost a year again and to get the procedure done and that’s when I said enough is enough. I paid 1050 euro and I think the price is very reasonable I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who has this problem. After been told I had to wait a year to see a urologist and maybe another year to actually get the circumcision procedure done, I decided to go to a private clinic and I was surprised how friendly and relaxing the experience was. Dr. Sam was excellent and very welcoming I didn’t even feel like I was going to have an operation. Dr. Sam described everything about the procedure and after care and possible effects as well as giving his own opinion and experience. I would highly recommend this

Doctor Sam

Excellent service and game changer for me personally

My experience with NuaCell was a really good one to sum it up in a few words, it was a life changer for me. I had circumcision with NuaCell – the staff were very welcoming and they took good care of me. My procedure was smooth and quick. NO PAIN and I was fully recovered within 3 weeks. The results was a lot better than I

Kirk B
Dr. Sam van Eeden / Nuacell Clinic

The only regret I have is I didn’t get it done any sooner. Would highly recommend

Had been putting it off for a long time and finally decided to inquire about it and from the very start. Dr. Sam was very helpful and responded to all my emails very quickly and gave me all the information I needed. Booked my treatment and within a week it was done. I was made feel at ease from the very start and am really happy with the results. Had the procedure 3 weeks ago, went back to work the next day with no issues and literally no pain. The only regret I have is I didn’t get it done any sooner. Would highly

Doctor Sam

“The results are exactly as he promised”

I suffered from phimosis for many years and visited numerous doctors and clinics about my issue, but I had no success as many doctors did not fully understand the problem. I then heard of Dr Sam and the Arte Novi Clinic from an online forum and decided to give them a call. I had an appointment booked within a few days of my call and the staff were incredibly helpful. Within 2 mins of Dr Sam examining my problem, he knew exactly what was wrong and what had to be done. His experience and knowledge in this area are incredible. He had a plan in place for me and assured me everything would be fine. I decided to have a partial circumcision done on the day and I was heading home on the bus within a couple of hours. Dr Sam gave me his personal phone number if I needed him day or night and discussed the recovery process with me. Dr Sam even took a phone call from me the next week while on his holiday abroad, which says a lot about him. The results are exactly as he promised as I was able to keep the majority of my foreskin and the visual look of it is perfect. Dr Sam’s experience in this area is impeccable and I’m sure he’s seen every problem imaginable, but what stands out is his patient care as he is very friendly and makes the experience much easier. As everyone says my only regret is not having the procedure done sooner. Thank you, Dr

Doctor Sam

Great Doctor, great results…

I had my circumcision for BXO at the end of 2018 and have just had a follow up review. As with the procedure back in 2018. The level of service and care is top notch as is the information that Dr. Sam provides. Thankfully my review went really well and the circumcision has stopped the BXO as Dr. Sam predicted it would. The key here is to take action, don’t suffer in silence and ignore the issue. Get it sorted and you won’t regret it. Would definitely recommend Dr. Sam and Nuacell clinic. Thanks again Dr

Rowan J
Doctor Sam

You're  in Good Hands


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