About our Practice

Our Clinic provides medical and surgical care to private male health clients seeking a discreet and private health care facility complying with Best Practice.

All procedures are performed in our two formal theatres.

All procedures are performed in our two formal theatres. Our theatres comply with the EU Standard CEN/TC 403 and are formally classified as Class II AND Class III theatres.

The theatres ensure a safe, sterile and private environment providing clients with a comfortable experience. 

Providing Coverage for Over 23 years

The Clinic has provided surgical services for circumcisions and vasectomies since 2006 and the Doctor providing these services has been performing these surgeries for the last 23 years.

All services are provided by qualified Medical Doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council.


The clinic has a special understanding and experience with the sensitivities involving male sexual health procedures and has adapted a strict conduct, ensuring privacy, and a discreet professional service.


You will have professional contact with, and services provided by, a male doctor only.

The Clinic

Circumcision Dublin Ireland is based in a discreet location in Malahide Village, in a comfortable and quiet part of the clinic which cannot be viewed from the outside. Staff members in the clinic are all highly experienced working with male and sexual health clients, and pride themselves on a warm, friendly and entirely confidential approach. 


The clinic is multi-disciplinary, as many different services are offered in the building, which means that nobody you may happen to see entering, leaving or in the waiting room knows why you are there apart from the staff. All of your personal details are strictly managed according to confidentiality and data protection regulations. 


Clients will be given the option of a light day sedation which will ensure that the entire procedure is stress and pain-free, and once the procedure is finished you will have plenty of time to relax with some light refreshments, tea and coffee to ensure you’re feeling rested and fully recovered before you are discharged by the doctor. 


Testimonials and reviews from previous patients of the clinic always help to put minds at ease and reassure clients that there are many others with similar stories who have been helped with the simple and often life-changing procedures at Circumcision Dublin Ireland. Read some of our reviews on the independent WhatClinic.ie service. 


Great End Result – Quick Professional Help

I used doctor Sam, and I found him unbelievable good. He was very easy to talk to and straight away he had a plan in place. Went to meet him and on the same day had my surgery and couldn’t be happier with the end result. It was pain-free during and after, couldn’t recommend Dr Sam enough. He answered and questions I had and reassured me everything was going to be all fine, also aftercare service is outstanding. You can message Dr Sam anytime and he will always reply and talk to you with any questions you might have, thanks again, Dr Sam.

Ciaran C
Dr. Sam van Eeden / Nuacell Clinic

The only regret I have is I didn’t get it done any sooner. Would highly recommend

Had been putting it off for a long time and finally decided to inquire about it and from the very start. Dr. Sam was very helpful and responded to all my emails very quickly and gave me all the information I needed. Booked my treatment and within a week it was done. I was made feel at ease from the very start and am really happy with the results. Had the procedure 3 weeks ago, went back to work the next day with no issues and literally no pain. The only regret I have is I didn’t get it done any sooner. Would highly recommend.

Doctor Sam

Adult Circumsion

Dr. Sam was an absolute professional before, during and after the surgery, Couldn’t recommend him enough had been putting it off for years and if anyone reading has any doubts go for it had an extreme case of Phimosis myself affected me mentally more than physically. I wouldn’t look back best thing I’ve done. Overall painless procedure didn’t feel a thing during, afterwards wouldn’t say it was painful just uncomfortable at times but nothing major. 5/5 for sure highly recommend Dr. Sam his reputation is well earned fantastic service!

Conor C
Doctor Sam

A top doctor, top clinic and very comfortable, painless experience

Classic circumcision and frenuloplasty. For years I had been suffering from ongoing infections/balanitis under the foreskin despite keeping myself clean. Post intimacy give or take a few days, balanitis would rear its ugly head constantly (excuse the pun). A number of years back I was sent to a urologist and I booked in the surgery but pulled out at the last second. A number of my buddies had adult circumcisions done and said it was going to be a painful recovery. Fast forward a few years and I wanted not to go through the whole process of waiting for surgery for months (again), but started looking online and came across Arte Novi. I am 1 week post my op and I can honestly say I have had ZERO pain since I first sat in the comfortable operating chair. The only bit of discomfort (minimal discomfort) is being awoken in the early hours with nocturnal tumescence. I was given a cream for these occurrences which I haven’t had to use once! Would highly recommend Arti Novi to anyone looking for a top doctor, top clinic and very comfortable, painless experience and really fast recovery! I told some folks at work I was getting an up on my leg, to preempt a limp I may have had on my return to work a few days later but there is no limp whatsoever! I chose Arte Novi because of the reviews I had read online on Whatclinic.com and I am glad I had my procedure done here. The clinic is in a beautiful location of Malahide. It is a spotless, friendly clinic and Dr. Sam is the man! A top surgeon, top guy. He is very friendly and makes his patients feel at ease from the very first discussion on the phone. A genius with that laser used to do the procedure (which ensures much much faster recovery) and I know Dr. Sam is a top hair transplant surgeon too. I have a bald patch so that could well be next on the list.

Doctor Sam

You’re treated so well, l they make you feel like a friend

For years I’ve suffered from extremely tight foreskin, it took me a long time to go about getting it sorted. I’m only sorry I didn’t find Dr Sam sooner as I’ve gone years in silence with this issue. I got a partial circumcision as my choice and I’m so happy with the results it’s a couple of weeks since the surgery. I’ve never felt as happy with the result. In the process I needed part of skin tested as lesion was found Dr Sam had it tested and all was ok. Another thing I have to say about Dr Sam is that he stays in touch with you regularly to make sure you are doing good and recovering well. I really liked that and it showed the good character this man has. I have a generalised anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. I’m an extremely nervous person in my daily life we won’t go too much into that here. Going for this procedure I was beyond the point of tears I was so anxious but I knew deep down I was in good hands with Dr Sam after our previous consultation few weeks prior. He calmed me so much and reassured me everything will be ok. Played my favourite music allowed a friend to come in beforehand which made me even more relaxed. He is a true gentleman and he takes his work very seriously. A lot of places you call or attend for consultations is very in and out we want your money bye type vibe. By no means is this the case at this practice. I love a good distance from Malahide and I’m happy a made the trip. You’re treated so well, l they make you feel like a friend in a relaxed environment. I’m sorry I didn’t find you sooner Dr Sam thank you for everything forever grateful to you.

Doctor Sam

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